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Top 40 punk bands of all time?

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So it’s been ahwile since the website has been updated and here is an interesting article of the top 40 punk bands of all time. You will find it void of such bands as bad religion, social d, gg allin, jfa, agent orange, s.t., and so many more epic bands (final conflict “ashes to ashes”). I mean if you never put in “wild in the streets” while skating a shitty ramp you built back in school, then you might be willing to say it’s ok that blink 182 was even defined as a punk band, how sad this is? Cadillac Tramps anyone? 




As many of our older readers will know, e’S is a brand that has Continue reading “PRODUCTREV e’S ACCEL OG”

Sierra Nevada has a video game?

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Lost In Transition Official Trailer

A Chophouse Cut

Lifeblood Skateboards – Keeping it Weird in Walla Walla

Jeff Phillips, Salba, Groholski, Murf skating the Metro Bowl

Truck Bolts Raw Plaster pilot Fish Bowl III


Me and my friends just dropped a video this past Friday called UOENO, it’s presented by my friends company SÜM and features full parts from Will & Jeremy Turner, Roy Rawlings, myself (Ty Cherry), Harrison Murray, & Cyle Baker. It’s a local video out of Raleigh, NC and features some footage from Connor Champion and Isaiah Rodriguez, who are well known east coast AMs. We’ll be sending out DVDs within the next couple days to all the local shops as well as some New York shops.

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