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The OJ Show – Episode 3

Hurt feelings, a new team rider, Lincoln City, Joe Red, doubles, a dude with a name that sounds like that one movie, slams, and handball. All in a day’s work.


Chris Russell at Nude Bowl

Chris Russel always kills anything he roles around on and here is a clip from Independent trucks at the Nude Bowl. Gotta give credit to the guys who got it going for that brief moment earlier in the year.

Team OC Ramps Warehouse Session

They skate the product their reppin in a Continue reading “Team OC Ramps Warehouse Session”

Truck Bolts Raw Plaster pilot Fish Bowl III


Me and my friends just dropped a video this past Friday called UOENO, it’s presented by my friends company SÜM and features full parts from Will & Jeremy Turner, Roy Rawlings, myself (Ty Cherry), Harrison Murray, & Cyle Baker. It’s a local video out of Raleigh, NC and features some footage from Connor Champion and Isaiah Rodriguez, who are well known east coast AMs. We’ll be sending out DVDs within the next couple days to all the local shops as well as some New York shops.

@samaximus427 getting BONKers in Buhl last night!!! 

Amoeba Fun


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HANDYMAN PETE- Ramp Repair at Josh Borden’s Ramp- Part 1

Ryan Johnson – New Deal 7 Year Glitch

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