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Welcome Skateboards  Interview

J-imageSome people’s work is also their passion and it takes them to new levels and allows them to create something very special. These same people tend to be difficult to pin down as they are already ten steps ahead. The founder of Welcome seems to be in this category,  so when we found out he was willing to answer a few questions we where beyond stoked. Below is that exchangeContinue reading “Welcome Skateboards ┬áInterview”

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R.I.P. Skatemaster Tate (Gerry Hurtado)

Grab your board and be happy with each day you have. Sad day for skateboarding today.

Grant Taylor

Love Nike or hate Nike, Grant Taylor is a cut above, get hyped to skate today!

Rumble in Ramona 5

Dane Vaughn DGK

Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 2 | Unseen

Never Turn Your Back On The Concrete Surf

Lip sliding the dragons back

Our latest staff addition Ryan Stewart Continue reading “Lip sliding the dragons back”

Chris Joslin San Diego 2015

Gullwing Truck Co. Pedro Delfino

While on the #GullwingNoWhereFast Oregon tour Pedro Delfino got an insane rail slide which made it in Thrasher as our ad for the November 2015 issue. Here he tells the story of that day and his near meltdown getting the trick.

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