Build, Skate, Drink, Repeat.

Chris Russell at Nude Bowl

Chris Russel always kills anything he roles around on and here is a clip from Independent trucks at the Nude Bowl. Gotta give credit to the guys who got it going for that brief moment earlier in the year.

Skateboard Diplomacy: Cuba

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.54.04 PM

By Elizabeth Ko

A typical skateboard — no wheels — weighs about three pounds. Ten to 15 of them will fit into a standard suitcase, stacked. Another 10 will fit into a large duffel bagContinue Reading →

New Welcome 

Peter Hewitt -411#33(1999)

Antihero: Destination Unknown – 2014

Bronson Speed Co: Maximum Impact


Fourstar x Antihero 

StayFlared DC

Etnies & Lakai hit DC on the collab Stay Flared tour. Check out Continue Reading →

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