Build, Skate, Drink, Repeat.



Shredding an Empty Waterpark Park in Dubai

What a sick spot to skate!


This 52 year old dude rips!


Jeffery Hall killing it!

Renato Donadei “Solo Tour” – EUR 2015

Drunk mom drop in!

Adam Morgan, Ryan Drobinski, and Thomas Bonilla skate the best pool ever.

Scooter duder Saturday 

#Repost @playfactory


#ScooterDuderSaturdays is dedicated to the most epic handleboarding we can dig up on the tube. This duder takes it inverted to deck check with the neck. 👍🏼👏🏽🔨 #SPINAL 

#playfactory #skateboarding

Daymein Hertenstein

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Frontside Ollie @daymein_hertenstein #skateboarding #skateboard #skate #skateDIY #metrogrammed #brokengrammed #miniramp #ollie #canon #strobist #fisheye #thrasher #lowcardmag

Man Dead After Being Hit in Head by Skateboarder in Act of Self-Defense at Santa Ana Starbucks: Witnesses

Click here for the Link.

Two eyewitnesses told KTLA that a man was bothering coffee shop customers outside the Starbucks location, and then began punching the store’s window. The man, who seemed to be on drugs, went inside and zoned in on a young skateboarder, the witnesses said.

The man approached the skateboarder aggressively, prompting the young man to stand up and whack the first man once in the head. The witnesses described the incident as self-defense.


Police were responding to an incident at a Starbuck in Santa Ana on Nov. 24, 2015. (Credit: Chip Yost / KTLA)

Anchor Hardware Presents Bayonet

Support skater owned/ ran companies. Check out this latest full length project from Anchor Hardware!

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