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RIVERSIDE: Skaters hope to keep their place to skate at Bonaminio Park

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Kevin Burke rides up a cinder block-ramp in a drainage ditch near Riverside’s Bonaminio Park on Wednesday, March 23. He and other skateboarders created a skate park without city permission, but supporters say it should stay.


San Pedro Skatepark to become Official!


With construction overhead on the I-110 freeway, the Channel Street Skatepark is now shuttered and filled with water. Caltrans is saying that the skaters will be able to return if they get permits and insurance. San Pedro, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016. (Scott Varley / Staff Photographer)

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Dylan Witkin

Been watching Dylan since he was a little grom and he has always killed it. He is an absolute beast at anything you throw at him.

Daymein Hertenstein

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Frontside Ollie @daymein_hertenstein #skateboarding #skateboard #skate #skateDIY #metrogrammed #brokengrammed #miniramp #ollie #canon #strobist #fisheye #thrasher #lowcardmag

Kevin Kowalski -enough said, watch this!

Kevin Kowalski from freedumb airlines on Vimeo.

If youre on freedumb airlines, you’re on another level, watch this, enjoy. Then get to work!  


Anchor Hardware Presents Bayonet

Support skater owned/ ran companies. Check out this latest full length project from Anchor Hardware!

Action Cam | Tony Hawk Skates First-Ever Horizontal Loop | Sony

Spawning from the mind of Tony Hawk, witness history as he takes on the first ever horizontal loop on a skateboard!
Shot 100% by Sony’s Action Cam 

#SonyActionCam #ProveYourself

Greyson Fletcher 

Dvargs- Plague(s) Magazine Interview Edit

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