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I 85 COLLAPSE – A secret skate park was built under Interstate 85, just yards from the collapse

I-85 skate park5_1491504388035_9175577_ver1.0

A hidden skate park was constructed under I-85, allegedly just yards away from the site where the Interstate bridge collapsed, and the Georgia Department of Transportation had no idea.

I-85 skate park2_1491504388778_9175583_ver1.0I-85 skate park3_1491504388034_9175578_ver1.0

Looks like a great time to us!


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Vans Pro Skate Park Series global qualifying event comes to Vancouver

Visit vansparkseries to watch the live stream of the event and for the latest updates, contest schedules, and rider profiles. 

Follow the action on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat at @vansparkseries.

Calgary Skateboarder ‘So Stoked, My Dudes’ After Skate Ramp Ban Overturned

One Calgary skater is seriously pumped about city council’s recent decision to overturn a 30-year-old ban on backyard skate ramps.CTV reporter Jamie Mauracher stopped by a local skate park after the June vote to talk a local boy — who delivered an unexpected interview on live TV.

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Rhodes Skatepark from Sidewayz Films

Rhodes Skatepark from Sidewayz Films on Vimeo.

Chris Russel is an animal!

Shredding an Empty Waterpark Park in Dubai

What a sick spot to skate!

Top 40 punk bands of all time?

Click here for the original article. is an expert, right?

So it’s been ahwile since the website has been updated and here is an interesting article of the top 40 punk bands of all time. You will find it void of such bands as bad religion, social d, gg allin, jfa, agent orange, s.t., and so many more epic bands (final conflict “ashes to ashes”). I mean if you never put in “wild in the streets” while skating a shitty ramp you built back in school, then you might be willing to say it’s ok that blink 182 was even defined as a punk band, how sad this is? Cadillac Tramps anyone? 

RIVERSIDE: Skaters hope to keep their place to skate at Bonaminio Park

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Kevin Burke rides up a cinder block-ramp in a drainage ditch near Riverside’s Bonaminio Park on Wednesday, March 23. He and other skateboarders created a skate park without city permission, but supporters say it should stay.


Authorities say skateboarders caused $20,000 in damages at Six Flags

Hard to believe this???  

MARIETTA — Two area men were arrested recently on charges of felony criminal damage to property after being accused of breaking into Six Flags White Water and skateboarding down the Tornado waterslide, causing $20,800 of damage. 

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