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Top 40 punk bands of all time?

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So it’s been ahwile since the website has been updated and here is an interesting article of the top 40 punk bands of all time. You will find it void of such bands as bad religion, social d, gg allin, jfa, agent orange, s.t., and so many more epic bands (final conflict “ashes to ashes”). I mean if you never put in “wild in the streets” while skating a shitty ramp you built back in school, then you might be willing to say it’s ok that blink 182 was even defined as a punk band, how sad this is? Cadillac Tramps anyone? 


adidas Skateboarding Releases Official Trailer for Away Days 

adidas Skateboarding:



adidas Skateboarding Global Team:

Mark Gonzales / #MarkGonzales

Dennis Busenitz / @dennisbusenitz2

Silas Baxter-Neal / @silasbaxterneal

Lucas Puig / @lucaspuig

Rodrigo TX / @rodrigotx

Mark Suciu / @marksuciu

Pete Eldridge / @pete_eldridge

Benny Fairfax / @fairtax

Nestor Judkins / @nestorjudkins

Jake Donnelly / @jakedonnelly

Lem Villemin / @lemvillemin

Jack Fardell / @jackfardell

Alec Majerus / @alecmajerus

Miles Silvas / @miles_silvas

Na-kel Smith / @thatsonme

Tyshawn Jones / @enwhytj


adidas Skateboarding Int’l Team:

Chewy Cannon (Great Britain) / @chewychewychewycannon

Raul Navarro (Spain) / @raulwestern

Günes Özdogan (Sweden) / @gunzzz

Klaus Bohms (Brazil) / @klausbohms

Kevin Lowry (Canada) / @kevinlowry

Dennis Durrant (Australia) / @dennisdurrant

Gustav Tønnesen (Norway) / @gustavtonnesen


Team Management:

Jascha Muller / @jaschamuller

Skin Phillips / @skinphoto


Away Days Director:

Matt Irving / @superdelphi


Away Days Filmers:

Chris Mulhern / @cmulhern

Torsten Frank / @torstenfrank

Justin Albert / @poobert


Away Days Photographers:

Sem Rubio / @semrubio

Zander Taketomo / @zandertaketomo


Dvargs- Plague(s) Magazine Interview Edit

Welcome Skateboards  Interview

J-imageSome people’s work is also their passion and it takes them to new levels and allows them to create something very special. These same people tend to be difficult to pin down as they are already ten steps ahead. The founder of Welcome seems to be in this category,  so when we found out he was willing to answer a few questions we where beyond stoked. Below is that exchangeContinue reading “Welcome Skateboards  Interview”

Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” A Backyard Progression

Just a whole different level, Bob Burnquist is part alien/ part human. Enough said.

The Kennedy Center Has a Skate Park Now


Is it not amazing to see something like this built in front of the Kennedy Performing Arts Center? It looks like a fun ramp, well built, pool coping, and the potential to host some large scale concerts. Good Stuff!

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Glenn Friedman in action 77′

FDR Skatepark Philly PA

Upcycling Boards Into Guitars

Since 1896, Anchor Brewing has crafted Steam beer the Anchor Way. And now Continue reading “Upcycling Boards Into Guitars”

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