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Authorities say skateboarders caused $20,000 in damages at Six Flags

Hard to believe this???  

MARIETTA — Two area men were arrested recently on charges of felony criminal damage to property after being accused of breaking into Six Flags White Water and skateboarding down the Tornado waterslide, causing $20,800 of damage. 

Click here for the article.


adidas Skateboarding Releases Official Trailer for Away Days 

adidas Skateboarding:



adidas Skateboarding Global Team:

Mark Gonzales / #MarkGonzales

Dennis Busenitz / @dennisbusenitz2

Silas Baxter-Neal / @silasbaxterneal

Lucas Puig / @lucaspuig

Rodrigo TX / @rodrigotx

Mark Suciu / @marksuciu

Pete Eldridge / @pete_eldridge

Benny Fairfax / @fairtax

Nestor Judkins / @nestorjudkins

Jake Donnelly / @jakedonnelly

Lem Villemin / @lemvillemin

Jack Fardell / @jackfardell

Alec Majerus / @alecmajerus

Miles Silvas / @miles_silvas

Na-kel Smith / @thatsonme

Tyshawn Jones / @enwhytj


adidas Skateboarding Int’l Team:

Chewy Cannon (Great Britain) / @chewychewychewycannon

Raul Navarro (Spain) / @raulwestern

Günes Özdogan (Sweden) / @gunzzz

Klaus Bohms (Brazil) / @klausbohms

Kevin Lowry (Canada) / @kevinlowry

Dennis Durrant (Australia) / @dennisdurrant

Gustav Tønnesen (Norway) / @gustavtonnesen


Team Management:

Jascha Muller / @jaschamuller

Skin Phillips / @skinphoto


Away Days Director:

Matt Irving / @superdelphi


Away Days Filmers:

Chris Mulhern / @cmulhern

Torsten Frank / @torstenfrank

Justin Albert / @poobert


Away Days Photographers:

Sem Rubio / @semrubio

Zander Taketomo / @zandertaketomo


Skateboarding Is Changing Native American Youth Culture

Pretty cool read over at Time Magazine. 

The Stronghold Society is a nonprofit helping kids through skateboarding. 

Daymein Hertenstein

#Repost @andrewdietterle


Frontside Ollie @daymein_hertenstein #skateboarding #skateboard #skate #skateDIY #metrogrammed #brokengrammed #miniramp #ollie #canon #strobist #fisheye #thrasher #lowcardmag

Anchor Hardware Presents Bayonet

Support skater owned/ ran companies. Check out this latest full length project from Anchor Hardware!

Action Cam | Tony Hawk Skates First-Ever Horizontal Loop | Sony

Spawning from the mind of Tony Hawk, witness history as he takes on the first ever horizontal loop on a skateboard!
Shot 100% by Sony’s Action Cam 

#SonyActionCam #ProveYourself

Sava 2015

Probably one of the best snow skate vids. Makes me want to give it a shout this winter! -NG

Don Vito R.I.P.


 Such a bummer, dude was always sick. 

Loose Trucks vs. Tight Trucks

What’s your take?


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