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As many of our older readers will know, e’S is a brand that has Continue reading “PRODUCTREV e’S ACCEL OG”


New Tony Hawk Game – Looks worse than the others…

EA needs to make skate4. This game looks like a waste of $$$.

Deathless Thread – Durability Test

So, saw this and could only hope it’s true. My 9 year old can destroy a pair of socks in a day, including many pairs of stance socks he has had in the past. If you are always sad your socks decided to be a quitter and no longer stay up, these might be a good solution. I just don’t think things are made like they used to be made. I have socks that have survived many years versus new socks which are done. 

BA. KU.: Kult Skating/Dark Rituals – Book Review


We received a copy of this book awhile back. It is basically a collection of photos revolving around the skating of the Barrier Kult crew in B.C. Its raw, black and white, and if you like photography, you will find something worth a look.

61RxRM70ddL Continue reading “BA. KU.: Kult Skating/Dark Rituals – Book Review”

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