Here at Broken Mag we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to begin a new chapter in the site.We will begin to feature more original content articles on top of product reviews and interviews with several industry and skate VIP’s we are going to create several monthly features. FAST 5 is one of our first and will be a basic 5 Questions to our small staff which will be topical to the world of skateboarding. As this is our first we decided the 5 would delve into some of our firsts. Enjoy as we turn the recorder on ourselves:

First skateboard?

Nick- Purple plastic banana board with orange wheels

Cliff- Roller Derby Deluxe Green

Ryan- Blue Vynil GT Coyote III


First pro level set-up?

Nick- Vision Gator Pink to Blue gradient mini Rats and Tracker Ultra Lights

Cliff- Steve Caballero Chinese Dragon XT, Bam Bam wheels and Tracker Ultra Lights.

Ryan- Sims Kamikaze White and Red


First pair of actual skateshoes?

Nick- Old School Vans

Cliff- Vans Off The Walls

Ryan- Airwalk 540’s


First skate park skated?

Nick- Not really a park, but there was this sick ditch by magic mountain we would go skate

Cliff- McGill’s Skatepark

Ryan- Del Mar Skate Ranch


First board you learned to ollie on?

Nick- Vision Gator

Cliff- Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall

Ryan-Powell Tommy Guererro Dagger XT Silver Dip