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By Elizabeth Ko

A typical skateboard — no wheels — weighs about three pounds. Ten to 15 of them will fit into a standard suitcase, stacked. Another 10 will fit into a large duffel bag, slung over the shoulder.

Those numbers are familiar to Miles Jackson, who regularly travels with up to 50 skateboards at a time. He and his friends, through their nonprofit organization Cuba Skate, have ferried more than 200 skateboards in the past five years to aspiring skaters in the island country.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry visited Cuba last week to raise the American flag on Cuban soil for the first time in a half-century, marking last month’s restoration of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States.

But even before the long-awaited thaw between the countries, Jackson and a college friend had been building a different kind of diplomacy: one on wheels. Their hope is that skateboarding can help pry open a notoriously stiff relationship and encourage a new generation of skateboarders to join an international sporting community.

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