Where did the Slasher Jon handle come from and when?

My friends used to call me Slasher right around the time I started skating transition. I’ve been skating for 16 years and I’ve only been riding transition for the last 8.


So you are known for Wall Craft DIY? What is that exactly and how did it start?

It was raining a lot and we were skating some indoor parking structures. I noticed a pillar and thought of how I always loved doing wallrides with ramps that fit flush with walls. So I decided to make a wallride ramp I could take to do wallrides on rainy days. Then I quickly realized I could take it further than just wallrides and Wallcraft_DIY was born. Wallcraft_DIY is an outlet for my journey through the world looking for spots to add the ramp to.

What is the gnarliest thing you have done while using the wall craft?
Dropping in a 9 foot straight wall. Personally I appreciate rolling my wheels on new ground that others cannot rather than doing the biggest gnarliest tricks out there.

Gnarliest slam?
I fell straight to my side doing the 9 foot drop in before landing it.

Where would you like to use it that you haven’t already?
There is nowhere in particular that I’m planning to hit. I have plenty of friends lined up that want to take it to their local spots and that’s what I’m totally down for! Covering new ground.

Have you thought about modifying yer ramp? Making it bigger or anything? How did you settle on the design you currently have?
I am never going to change the design. People tell me all the time to make like 5 of them and do some crazy videos like that. But personally I like singling out targets and trying to get the justice out of each trick. It’s all about fun and I’m not against having 5, It’s just not in my interests. I wanted to make a wallride ramp that was portable. I rolled my board on a piece of cardboard until my nose and tail wouldn’t scrape to form the transition. Then I made it with supplies from Home Depot just under $100.00.

Where is the weirdest place you have used it?
Almost every spot I’ve skated is weird. The camera doesn’t always deliver the full justice. Sometimes you have to dodge all this random crap just to hit the ramp. The conditions are usually terrible but I enjoy the sense of skating something new and completely different.
Off topic…
Yer known for riding loose trucks? Tell us a little about yer set up and why you prefer to rattle.
About 5 years ago I rode normal trucks with full bushings and hardware. They were pretty loose naturally but not quite how they are now. I was so used to the way they felt that when I got new trucks I felt like complete shit on my board. I tried a bunch of things I’ve heard from people. Shave bushings down, swap bushings out, ect, ect. I ended up figuring out that if you take the top bushing out and add 1 more top washer, you will get a pretty loose truck that stops just before wheel bite because the extra washer is in the way of the truck bending further. My trucks rattle when you shake my board. There is no spring back, they just flop from side to side. This is a big advantage for smith grinds on coping and other tricks that bend your trucks, and a huge disadvantage for trying to set up in nollie 360 flip stance at full speed! Haha!

What’s next for Slasher Jon?
I won’t stop what I’m doing. I have lovers and haters but I don’t care anyway. I’m gonna keep charging through and share the thought of happy skating with the world. When I die everyone will look back and have clear evidence that I was doing exactly what I wanted to do with my life. A message for the skateboarders out there is “Don’t ever quit”.

Shout outs, Sponsors?
I’d like to thank every skateboarder I’ve skated with even if it was only once. The fact that people try means a lot to me. The list goes on forever but I personally thank Eddie Anaya, Tyler Smith, David Garcia, Justin Reynolds and Adan Garcia for being my best friends while supporting everything I do.
I want to thank Adan again for being my skateshop support before I could afford to take care of myself.
Interview|Photos by Kasper Tobias