Darren Navarrette has an announcement to make!
At Creature, we respect and honor all the people that have created the foundations that skateboarding currently sits on. It would be impossible to not see the impact that Allen Losi’s powerful style had on skateboarding’s early beginnings. It’s with that understanding, that Creature is proud to present this limited Losi Guest Model. If the model itself wasn’t enough to blow your mind, we also had MoFo do the graphic. MoFo, who was more known for his photographic skill than his illustrations, was actually the artist who did Losi’s first Knight graphic. A portion of the proceeds go directly to Allen, who has a mountain of medical bills from his battles with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. These boards are limited to 400 pieces (9.75 x 32.9), and come on a brand-spanking new shape.
“Losi is a Skateboarding Noble. Fluid power style.”
– Darren Navarrette